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Art by Bonnie Roth

The Yiddish Club was founded in 1991 as the Yiddish Language Club under the tutelage of Dotty Wisotsky and has evolved into a group of seniors seeking friendship, good jokes, and delicious desserts.  We also enjoy interesting speakers and programs.  At one point there was an effort to promote the knowledge of Yiddish through classes but the classes devolved into joke telling and bragging about grandchildren.  We do try to throw in a few Yiddish words or expressions in our correspondence and meetings, as many of us heard these growing up in our homes, especially when spoken by our parents and grandparents who didn’t want us to know what they were talking about!   

Membership in the YC is comprised of both Jews and non-Jews.  Meetings are held every other month on the third Monday night, with Sunday luncheons in June and December.   We feature delicious, bountiful food and interesting entertainment. Cost for our luncheons is often subsidized, thus keeping ticket cost reasonable.  Regarding our gatherings, all members of the OHCC community are invited to attend.

                                              2022 Yiddish Club Board


   President: Elaine Massei

    Vice President: Carol Silverman

  Secretary:  Lainy Vinikow

     Treasurer:  Arnold Wallins

      Hospitality: Laraine Steinman




                                                Entertainment by San Diego Jewish Men's Choir

MONDAY, AUGUST 15TH       GENERAL MEETING: Program to be announced

MONDAY, OCTOBER 17TH    GENERAL MEETING: Program to be announced

SUNDAY. DECEMBER 18TH   DELI LUNCHEON: Special entertainment 



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